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Beginner Band

Beginning band students spend the year in homogenous classes where they learn the fundamentals of their instrument. They perform several times throughout the year including the fall concert, spring concert, and our solo event. They take one field trip in the spring.

7th Grade Band

Seventh grade students continue to build upon the musical skills they developed in beginning band while playing in a large concert ensemble for the first time. The curriculum focuses on performing appropriate level band literature while also cultivating individual technique. These students have two performances in fall semester, several in the spring semester, and are eligible to participate in our end of year field trip.

8th Grade Band

Eighth grade band is comprised of our most advanced band students and serves as the culminating band experience for Gorzycki Band students. Students perform artistically-significant, entertaining music at a high level while continuing to develop individual and group musical skills. At the end of 8th grade, students possess the skills needed to meaningfully participate in high school band. Eighth graders have several performances throughout the year and are eligible to participate in our end of year field trip.